James Capper Mudskipper

British artist James Capper will later this year unveil his new large-scale mobile sculpture MUDSKIPPER at this year’s Powerhouse Commission, an annual commission at Battersea Power Station.

Unfortunately, performance demonstrations of MUDSKIPPER (scheduled for May 25th & 30th and June 9th & 10th) have had to be postponed due to technical issues identified during final testing.

The launch of the artwork and performance demonstrations on the river and foreshore will be rescheduled in due course.

We apologise for any disappointment this causes and look forward to inviting you to see this exciting and innovative sculpture in the near future.


MUDSKIPPER is a fully-mobile sculpture (9.2 metres in length and 12 tons in weight) which has the ability to move across water and land on-shore through the use of two step-type propulsion legs. Inspired by the ingenuity of early invertebrates, and echoing the brave leaps made by those into a new and unknown world, MUDSKIPPER challenges and invigorates the definitions of engineering and art and the interconnections between the two. 

MUDSKIPPER’s ability to change its environment, combined with its hydraulic system of land-based locomotion, gives the sculpture a brave and exigent new character on the water. In line with Capper’s practice, the amphibian sculpture explores the dynamic between biological ingenuity, biomechanics and the human.  MUDSKIPPER also points to a greater journey or mission, one that recalls the eccentric personas of Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo or Wes Anderson’s Steve Zissou, confronting the precarity of human existence and our contemporary technological desires. MUDSKIPPER will make special performances, when it travels down the River Thames and walks out of the water at certain points of low tide.


Date 09/01/19 - 31/12/19
Time 09:00 - 23:00
Venue Battersea Power Station
Ticket Free
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